Our Honeymoon

We spent three weeks in Hawaii for our honeymoon, and oh man was it incredible. We almost didn't come back - snowboarding was the only unavoidable reason we had to. We spent a week on Kauai, a week on the Big Island, a week on Maui, and 2 days on Oahu. We took around 1100 pictures, but whitled it down to around 572 here (ooooh, big reduction!). (Of course, all of them are available raw). We also took 21 hours of video, and will someday edit that down to an hour video or so - until then, enjoy the pictures! (We welcome comments as to which photos are your favorite!)

Kauai      Hawaii      Maui      Oahu


Kauai was our first island, and that was a very good thing. It was extremely relaxed and laid back, which was exactly what we needed after the weeks/months of wedding planning etc. Kauai turned out to be our favorite island.
Jeff & Laurie at a luau

The Big Island (Hawaii)

Next, we went to The Big Island (Hawaii), which was quite a change scenery-wise: it was a big, black rock. It was really cool being on a Volcano (and I tried to dance at least once to Genesis's Dance On A Volcano), and we had a lot of fun there. (Laurie got to see her turtles!)
Jeff on lava


We saved Maui for the last week of our vacation on purpose - we'd wanted to ramp up to the active stuff towards the end (like jetskiing, parasailing, more diving, etc). Maui made us seriously consider our "Kauai is our favorite island" statement. Lots of fun!
Jeff & Laurie on the Road To Hana


We flew out from Oahu, so we spent about two days there so we could see Pearl Harbor (which we saw just before the movie came out, by the way), and do some last-minute shopping.
Jeff *amp; Laurie heading home

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