Humor is different from person to person. Some find things funny that others don't. Some like different kinds of humor (for example, obscure humor). So all I can do is give examples of things that I (Jeff) find funny, (funny ha-ha, not funny-strange), and leave it at that.

So here are some of my favorite humor-related items. Enjoy!

External Humor

The Onion is one of the funniest sites on the web, hands down. I'm not going to bother describing it, just go to the site yourself and see. A new issue comes out each week on Wednesday.

The Dilbert comic strip all-too-closely mirrors the daily life of all-too-many internet companies that I've seen and/or been a part of. I can't count how many times I've thought that a co-worker must have submitted an idea that had happened in our office. Very, very, funny. If you like Dilbert, go rent the movie Office Space.

David Letterman will always be king (though Conan is pretty hilarious too, especially when he was on Saturday Night Live (Moleculo)).. I remember laughing at Top Ten lists back in college until my sides hurt..

Stuff here on this site

Here are some of my favorite emails/posts that got sent to me over the years (plus a few originals of my own).


Here are various quizzes and tests that kept me laughing.

Drinking Games

I find drinking games like these funny whether you drink or not. With most of these you'd be dead if you actually played a full game. The humor isn't in planning to actually play, it's in the rules.


Here are some more that I haven't classified either because I can't, or because I'm too lazy.
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