I am learned (was ist verboten)
im philosophie.  I have
algorithms in my pockets.
I am an expert in tautology.
But wait. 'This' is more than 'that'.
I have not exhausted dreams.
I have found a place
for stars and planets,
airplanes flashing port red
and starboard green
on approach to final.

I love the sound. Doctor.
Learned in all areas
of this and that - but more!
I have found a place
for girls, essays and Greek magazines.
There is room for afternoons,
suppers of low fat cheddar,
merlot in a slim bottle.

Doktor they call me, doktor.
Learned in Acquino, Aristotle
Schopenhauer.  I have found 
a place for girls.  Syllogisms
please me, except on Tuesdays.
Then I lose myself in
black and white photography.
And the dream goes on.
I am happy to be doktor -
(was ist verboten) learned.

	Copyright October 1997 Larry Keegan

THE SYCAMORE Forever waits the sycamore for my climbing. Forever waits the sycamore for shading me from the sun's burning. Its wide hand extends in welcome. The mottled map of its bark pointing me to distant lands and archipelagos. Forever waits the sycamore for me to sit in its grassy kingdom shadowed by its branches. Forever waits the sycamore while I walk by each morning with new agendas, and listen to the breeze in its branches. Copyrighted October 1997 by Larry Keegan

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